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Jeffer London: Stimulating Ideas & Building Futures

Facilitating The Path From Aspiration To Innovation

• Partnering with you to build the human side of your strategy.
• Facilitating the process of people establishing a shared vision of the future.
• Being a catalyst for conversations to bring understanding, engagement & motivation.

Facilitating Change

Jeffer partners with organisations who want to make a change towards higher performance and greater innovation. He is a catalyst for conversation – from the boardroom to the cafeteria, Jeffer facilitates dialogue to align strategies, explore opportunities and build engagement. He has been instrumental in stimulating growth and lifting performance across groups.

Building Partnerships

Jeffer builds connections in a systemic approach that brings people together. If you want to develop people or align an organisation, Jeffer is your man. He is the go-to-person for executives seeking advice on the human element of strategies and plans. Whether you need to unite communities, align objectives or build synergy, Jeffer is your natural partner.

Leading People

Jeffer works at the heart of an organisation – its people.
He has a strong track record in leading teams, coaching executives and setting up systems that make positive change happen. He helps leaders to inspire top performance and managers to navigate the complexities of a large organisation. He is a listener and a thinker, who enjoys seeing the fruit of his endeavours enjoyed by others.

International Background

Raised in America, Jeffer has lived in Japan, Spain and Italy before settling in Belgium in 1995. He has led projects in most major European capitals as well as in China, Vietnam and the United States. Jeffer is part of a family and community that gives him a contact in many a port and pole.

Working with Your Team to Have Brilliant Ideas, Motivated People & Great Results!

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Stimulating Ideas & Building Futures