Three Ideas for an Inspirational 2012

Jeffer’s 3 concepts to stimulate ideas & build futures in 2012: Talk about it! Learn together online! Tell stories!


1. Authentic Dialogue

Whether we want to stimulate, innovate or motivate, our ability to inspire meaningful conversations is central to our success. 2011’s social upheaval, market turbulence and confidence crisis has left us with uneasy emotions and unanswered questions. Conversation is the best way to reconcile the complexities and paradoxes of 2012. Naturally techniques such as ‘world café’, ‘open space technology’, and ‘appreciative inquiry’ will be back in the forefront, as we are asked to host conversations that illuminate our direction and give meaning to our work. Take time for talking in 2012.


2. Social Learning

At the crossroads of social media, online collaboration, communities of interest and shared quests for knowledge, we find the new Social Learning. This is where people learn together online, in ways that work well online: posting, connecting, co-creation. Meanwhile, people can do in person, what works best in person: dialogue, spontaneity, investigation. Social Learning relies on people’s innate curiosity, platforms for exchange, and constant answering of the question, “how will I …?” Use social learning in 2012 to clarify our direction, co-create, and let people define our shared future.


3. Stories Make Sense

In a world of increased networks and limited attention spans, meaningful connections are in short supply. Stories provide an authentic, refreshing and engaging way to get your message across. By going to the root of human communication, we connect with people, make sense of complex issues and elicit deeply felt emotions. If 2012 is a year where we want to generate relationships or gather fans, to build engagement or stimulate business; storytelling has to be part of our approach.

I look forward to joining you this year as a Meaning Maker, Co-Creator and Storyteller!

Stimulating Ideas & Building Futures