Social Platforms Enhance Events

Live facilitated events are enhanced by social platforms. Here’s what to do:

Before: pre-work, collect expectations & needs, give materials, tweet the event
During: co-creation, crowd-sourcing, exchanging ideas, connecting resources
After: Posting outcomes, consolidating learnings, sharing of results


Here are the elevator pitches of popular social platforms you can use. Collaboration Software

System that inter-connects your people with each other and their collective knowledge, seamlessly. helps teams to communicate faster and build collaborative knowledge by sharing and discussing various forms of digital content within a secure, unified application. It combines the capabilities of collaboration tools like wikis, social networks, blogs, file sharing repositories, micro blogs, discussion boards and other communication applications into one secure enterprise platform. Learn more at


Grouply: Free Social Group Platform

Grouply is a platform for social groups — online communities that combines the best features of social networks and online groups. Social groups offer the social interactivity, media sharing, and modern design of social networking sites like Facebook; and the rich discussions, popular email interface, and people-discovery opportunities found in traditional online group systems like Yahoo! Groups. With Grouply, you can create a new social group about anything you like or join a social group and connect with others who share your interests and passions. Learn more at:


GROU.PS: Do-it-Yourself Social Networking Platform

GROU.PS that allows people to come together and form interactive communities around a shared interest or affiliation with built-in apps enabling easy collaboration and communication. Public or Private: You can let the whole world view and contribute to your group, or limit access to a select few. Create a privacy blend that works for you. Moderation: You decide who can contribute, create and edit content. Designate your own levels of authorization for your members. Learn more at


Yammer: Free Enterprise Social Network

Enterprise social networking empowers employees to be more productive and successful by enabling them to collaborate easily, make smarter, faster decisions, and self-organize into teams to take on any business challenge. This new way of working drives business alignment and agility, reduces cycle times, increases employee engagement and improves relationships with customers and partners. Give your business the social advantage and see fast results with Yammer. Learn more at

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