Slow Management

Today’s complexity requires us to slow down. Slowing down means taking time to digest information, discuss divergent points of view and ruminate on options that are less than obvious. 
Time is no longer money. Great oak trees were not small acorns yesterday. Wisdom comes not quickly. Speed-based KPI’s are no longer adequate for managers, they need is slow management. Here are three qualities of the slow manager:


Dive Deep into Data

Take your time to integrate your information, statistics, and studies. Analyse raw data to establish synthesis, insights and trends. Make data available to your colleagues prior to meeting up, so they can draw their own conclusions. Commission research around the central questions that matter most.


Discussion, Dialogue and Debate

Enter into conversation. Dialogue is the way to bridge the paradoxes, complexities and conflicting views that we are facing. Should we save or invest? Should we sell or develop? These are not yes/no questions and require the depth that can only be found in dialogue. Embrace divergent points of view and bring people together in conversation.


Daze, Drift and Dream

Forget time to remember what is important. Fresh thinking is seldom in front of a screen; it is out a plane window, in the shower and on a park bench. Ideas take time to incubate. Let yourself ruminate on alternatives that are beyond immediate gut instinct.


Slow food, slow culture, slow management. Only by slowing down can we get ahead faster.


Stimulating Ideas & Building Futures