Get A Facilitator!


Is Your Team Stuck?

Team dynamics can be challenging. Hidden agendas, dysfunctional rituals, stagnant conversations, politics and personalities, same old results.

It is human nature to fall into patterns of behaviors. These patterns give us comfort… and make change difficult. While we may know we need a fresh approach, old habits, past successes, and group pressure can inhibit us from taking the necessary steps to revitalize team dynamics.


What Else Could Be Possible?

Healthy team dynamics enable an organization to stay on the good path.

To make this happen, teams need open dialogue, free flowing ideas, insights into issues, motivational vision, and coherent strategies. Having these in place, teams can be the catalyst of solutions and takers of decisions that turn their ideas into reality.


Creating Healthy Team Dynamics

Appointing a facilitator from outside your group can accelerate progress. The facilitator, who is neutral in opinion, plays the role of catalyst, observer and coach. It is their role to ensure that all issues get on the table, that perspectives are expressed and understood, and that discussion leads to insights and decisions.

Dialogue is the channel to let this happen, but real discussion requires trust, time and desire. Bringing in an external facilitator can be the fastest way to establish new group patterns, and the conditions that allow for dialogue.


Improving Through Action

Rather than analyzing the potential roots of all issues, you may prefer to take the path of action. The first step is to pick a subject that needs attention, and use it as an example of the power of facilitated dialogue. By practicing healthy team dynamics, we get insights into the topics on the table as well as the group’s behavior and performance.


Briefing Your Facilitator

Let the facilitator know what you want. More creativity? Faster decisions? Better dialogue? Less politics?

And give them access to your people, so they can assess the group’s unique needs, concerns, challenges, blind spots, objectives and aspirations.


Any advice for being or hiring a facilitator?

Stimulating Ideas & Building Futures