Trends Impacting People’s Work

Have a peek at 12 areas where you can expect changes in organisational behaviour. Start a conversation about the important questions that we will be asking this year.

12 trends impacting the way we work, and the questions they raise.

  • The Selfie: How will you keep group bonds in an organisation composed of increasingly individual people?
  • Saturated Reality: Should we make our workspaces feel this way?  Are the ugly little details at risk of getting done?
  • Nostalgia: How can you help employees to feel both secure and relevant?
  • Building Icons: What is your organisation’s big idea? What is the one thing you will be famous for?
  • Personal Stats: How will you handle performance appraisals and annual reviews now?
  • Time in Art: What conversation needs to happen in your organisation to span paradoxes and make memories stick?
  • Dystopia = Home: Should you gamify your tedious work?  Create a dystopian office? Bring people back to reality? Or embrace multiple realities?
  • Woody Places: Do your people need a wood place in their workspace?
  • Awesome ideas: How will you set free your idea-people while ensuring the organisation can use their creativity?
  • Easy Media: How are you making your messages competitive, fast and easy to absorb?
  • Guilt Free: What green act can your team do?
  • Get On With It: How will you tap your team’s enthusiasm, joy & willingness?


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