Ideas Create Communities

Great ideas have a magnetic appeal. If your concept works, people are moving towards you. If people are not coming, you may need a better idea or a better way to communicate it.


The Case of the Creative Communicators

A year ago, I joined a small rebellious group of toastmasters who wanted to explore communicating beyond the conventions of their current public speaking clubs. Together, we created a vision for the group and started talking with others about that vision. Within a few get-togethers, the group tripled in size and began to live as a community, as opposed to a group of individuals. An idea unified people.


An Idea about Why We Are Here

Through a series of collective conversations and inquiries, a vision rose to the surface. “We create precious moments through the ephemeral pleasures of artful oratory.” This idea was a catalyst for the group to come together as a community, bound by “a shared ambition to experiment with artful oratory and receive in-depth feedback from fellow artful orators”.

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Stimulating Ideas & Building Futures