Where do the Flipcharts Go?

Trainers, facilitators and consultants have a predominant tool: the flipchart. Flipcharts are the scribe for our best ideas, important breakthroughs and plans for the future. So where does all that paper go? The trash!


Transforming Ephemeral Ideas into Meaningful Art


Benoit Piret picks up our old flipcharts, and uses their ideas and abstract symbols as a point of departure for his art. If you have ever given a seminar at Le Chateau de Petite Leez (gallery Exit 11 in Belgium), you may find that one of your flipcharts has been transformed into a work of art – a flipchART.


The Art of Training


Jeffer London, like all facilitators, tries to make his sessions creative and full of good ideas. Alas, so many post-its have flown out the window and his stock of used flipcharts is bulging. Upon seeing Benoit’s work a better idea was born – let’s bring together flipchart experts and the artist to make something timeless!


Making Art Together


Benoit and Jeffer invited 20 friends to make an original artwork, based on the flipcharts that they brought to the Galerie 100 Titres. At the gallery, they viewed the flipchART exhibition and co-created their own flipchART.


flipch'ART, the making of

Watch the co-creation unfold before your eyes.



Meet the artist who made sense of forgotten flipcharts.

See more flipch'Art at #100flipchart or at the blog of Benoit Piret

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