Sophia Loren’s Lips & Inspired Venues

Within a breath of Sophia Loren’s lips, I had a revelation. With lavender in the air and a panoramic view over the rolling vineyards of the Emilia-Romagna, many would be inspired to create art, be philosophical or make love. Being a trainer, my first thought is “this is a good place for a team event”.

Mundane perhaps, but that is why I am here. I am hosting a teambuilding on the outskirts of Parma, at the Gavinell – The private botanical garden where they hold the Miss Italia pageant. In my hand, the microphone that listened to Sophia Loren’s sultry whispers, transmitted Bruce Willis’s comic chatter and felt the vibrations of the long legged candidates from across this well heeled country. The surroundings infiltrate the audience, lift me to a higher plane and set an expectation for a great event.

Selecting the right venue for your team event is the first step in making it a success. While we all want to be able to apply the results in our usual work place, there is no question that getting out of the office is the best way to get clarity about what goes on there.


Learning the Creative Habit

We need not be born creative to make creativity flow. The creative instinct is a muscle that simply needs exercise to excel. Breaking old thought patterns is the first step.

Faced with a problem, we have each used logic, deduction or creativity to find solutions. And in most situations, we used our favourite approach, which gives us the solution most of the time. With repeated use, we favour our approach more and more and rely less on alternative approaches.


Creativity: Nature or Nurture?

Are we born creative? Or is creativity induced from our environment? Does it matter if you have creative ancestors? Can one become creative? Is creativity something we can increase in ourselves? Can we develop creativity in others? How to develop creative talent? What is the nature of creativity? How can we nurture our creative nature?

Stimulating Ideas & Building Futures