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Let’s stimulate ideas and build the future.

Stimulating Ideas for You & Your Team

This is the place for fresh ideas. Sometimes we get stuck with the same people, having the same conversations about the same old stuff. We all need stimulating ideas.

Jeffer London is an idea catalyst. He offers in fresh thinking and helps you to bring bright ideas to the surface of your team. Whether you want to open up possibilities, explore options or perfect your current concept – Jeffer is your man for stimulating ideas.

Building and Rebuilding your Organisation

Organization development is an ongoing, systematic process of implementing positive changes. Change is never easy, but it can be easier with helping hands that join you to envisage the future, assess the situation, solve problems and engage with staff.

Jeffer London is a seasoned consultant who has worked both inside and outside of organisations on the path of improvement. He draws on a wide network of interdisciplinary partners that span the worlds of sociology, psychology, education, visualization, dialogue, communication, innovation, and collaboration. Together they form teams tailored to the unique needs of each organisation.

Service Areas

From a phone call to a workshop, from projects to interim management, Jeffer London and his team would like to be by your side to stimulate ideas and build futures. Call upon them for:

Vision & Strategy: Clarity of purpose is foundational. We offer assistance in the formulation of strategic and tactical plans.
Creative Options: Brainstorming for teams of discussions with partners to explore new, different and better ways to get things done.
Project Planning: Outlining the objectives, success criteria and way forward with an emphasis on the human element and personal engagement.
Organisational Development: Helping managers assess their department's workforce so that the right people are in the right roles with the right skills at the right time.
Meeting Design & Facilitation: Designing strategic events for dialogue, alignment and engagement.
Collaboration & Teamwork: Bringing people together for exploration, discussion, enrolment and synergy.
Visualisation & Communication: Working with graphics experts, illustrators and film people to create compelling messages.
Change Management: Involving and aligning people to create systemic change and integration of new ways of working.
Business Process Redesign: Rethinking the current way of doing a part of business to find better ways to get the work done.
Special Projects: Working in the back room on your dream projects, to increase your impact and make you look good.

Meet Jeffer

Jeffer London works with you to stimulate ideas and build futures. He is your man for turning your strategic vision into a practical reality.

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Advisory & Projects:

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Stimulating Ideas & Building Futures