Building Innovative Organisations

Building Innovative Organisations

It feels good to be part of an innovative organisation. We are attracted to progressive groups with positive energy and inspiring results - but how are such groups set up? How do they develop? And how do they maintain that momentum?

Innovative organisations have elements in common; aspects that can be assessed, introduced, developed and managed. To lead innovation, one must do more than manage the process of innovation - one must influence the group culture of and climate.

Establishing a culture of innovation requires an active reiteration of the group's history, beliefs and traditions. An organisation builds innovation on its cultural foundation - as the initial architect, it is up to you to build up the ingredients that your future team will put into innovative use; and if an organisation is under renovation, one must re-contextualize this past to support the new vision.

  • What innovative achievement could you celebrate?
  • What part of the group's mentality has helped past progress?
  • Who are the creative heroes in your legacy and how do they live on?

If organisational culture is the hidden explanation about how a group operates, the organisational climate is the evidence of the way that people interact in the workplace. The climate of innovative organisations is unique, but also predictable and possible to develop.

Enhancing the climate for innovation covers areas such as:

  • Increasing time and support for idea development
  • Encouraging healthy debate and group interaction
  • Making an innovation a deliberate and inclusive process.

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