Management Development Programmes

Management Development Programmes

If you are looking to develop your managers into leaders we can offer you a wide range of solutions to give them the necessary skills, behaviours and tools to lead and motivate their staff more effectively and to really make a significant difference to your organisation.

A Management Development Programme is a series of modules and activities that are designed and delivered over a longer period of time than your normal in-house training course. The duration can last anywhere from 3 months to over 2 years.

Each program is unique because they are designed to fit in with your culture, ways or working and what you would like to achieve. Here are the elements of most management development programs:

  • Nomination, selection and induction into program
  • Modular based learning sessions
  • Personality & behavioural profiling
  • Personal coaching
  • Work based assignments & projects
  • Team building events
  • E-Learning modules
  • Simulations and cases

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