Running A Better Consultancy

Running A Better Consultancy


How healthy is your pyramid?

Each level of the consulting pyramid presents challenges and opportunities. Where shall we start?

Leading Consultancies

From the top of the pyramid, we can see both positive forces and inefficiencies that influence a consultancy's culture, drive and profitability. Moving a pyramid, however, is no easy task and the distractions are many. Engaging an outsider is one way to research, facilitate, advise and advance projects to improve the inner mechanisms of your consultancy. Jeffer has lived inside consultancies, both large and small, and understands the mentality and motivations of consultants - he, and his network of consulting industry specialists are a discreet taskforce available to make you look good while empowering your consultants to achieve more.

Managing Consultants

Being in the middle of a pyramid, may be the greatest struggle. Besides the new responsibilities for sales and managing key accounts, consulting managers are caught between the politics and demands of their superiors and the needs for support from their teams. There, where time is in short supply, that necessity to improve skills in selling, coaching and management becomes most apparent - and these are areas where an outside partner can make the difference between burning out and creating a compelling future.

Delivering Consultancy

And for the dear and temperamental consultants who make up the base of the pyramid, we must be thankful. Often bright, ambitious and free, these young geniuses execute our visions and bring in the money. They know the business would not run without them and can be hard to manage. Our task here is attraction and retention; which is best developed through programmes that appeal to their interests, develop their skills, build their networks, create team spirit and drive them to achieve something brilliant.

Meet Jeffer

Jeffer London works with you to stimulate ideas and build futures. He is your man for turning your strategic vision into a practical reality.

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