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Jeffer London empowers people with new skills & better approaches. He works with universities, companies, institutions, and associations to improve their performance.

As life is the best teacher, Jeffer designs programs that are part of people’s actual work life. Each learning situation is seen in connection to how it will be used – whether the subject is explored in an online forum, a seminar, a group discussion or in an on-the-job exercise, the method is based on linking personal motivation to collective insights. In this way, the individual can grow and the organisation can leverage their skills.

Services include:

Talent management
Training needs assessment
Competency modelling
Program & course design
Collaboration platforms
Mentoring & coaching
Training delivery
ROI studies

Meet Jeffer

Jeffer London is a partner who empowers people with new skills & better approaches

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Learning & Development:

Communication, Presentation & Pitching
Consulting Skills
Assessment-Based Programs
University Curriculum
Creativity & Innovation

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