Communication, Presentation & Pitching

Communication, Presentation & Pitching

Get your idea across through a portfolio of communication courses that range from the elevator pitch to handling nerves and from presenting results to pitching for projects. Programme includes video recording and resources to accompany the participant as they progress in a process of practice, experimentation, feedback and refinement.

Based on your audience's needs and focus, we can build a tailored programme ranging from one hour to one week.

Presentation Skills: A Foundation to Stand On

For people who are new to public speaking and want to be equipped with the tools and techniques to assess their current level. Participants start a journey of preparation, practice and feedback taking them towards presentation competence.

Structuring Your Message: Using The Power of Three

For good speakers who want to be more persuasive by improving their ability to plan, organise and structure their communications. Participants role-play scenarios to improve both prepared and impromptu speaking.

Simple Truths in Presentation

For people who want to refresh their presentation skills in a short lively format. Using media examples, participants review the top ten principles of presentation and put them into action in mini role-plays.

Speaking Up in Meetings

For people who need to have their ideas and presence noticed in a group situation, and be heard! Participants practice techniques to get on the agenda, interject and get the credit they deserve.

Interpersonal Communication

For people who want to improve their daily contact and communication with colleagues. Participants first assess communication preferences; and then learn to ask the right questions, solicit feedback, build consensus, overcome objections and get their message across effectively.

Presenting with Presence: Conquering Nerves

For nervous people (i.e. many of us) who need to be persuasive, this programme reveals the root causes behind nervous reactions and offers a portfolio of experimental solutions. Participants learn to breath, stay calm, stay focused and channel their energy.

Presenting Credentials: Introducing Yourself & Your Services

For people who need to build rapport quickly and establish themselves as trusted partners who can get the job done. Participants focus on the one presentation they do the most: presenting themselves succinctly and with impact.

Presenting Your Services

For people who need to stand up and sell their concepts, projects and services. Participants become more persuasive by clarifying their message, rehearsing their pitch, improving their strategy and ensuring rapport with the client.

Selling Ideas

For people in the idea market, these sessions address the specific challenge of positioning new and creative concepts. Participants rethink concepts to centralise their idea and brainstorm ways to package it in a way that is understandable, useful and appealing to their audience.

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