Consulting Skills

Consulting Skills

Becoming Better Consultants

Whether it's the y-generation or the i-generation, we know that most consultants are after something for themselves. Their loyalties may not be very strong, but if they are getting what they want, they are happy to serve.

Here are some of the courses that get the best reviews from consultants around the world:

  • Trusted Advisor - Understanding the role of the trusted advisor, and having the skills, courage and compassion to be a valued asset for your clients.
  • Communication - Understanding one's own interpersonal communication preferences, spotting patterns in others and how to adapt to better communicate.
  • Setting Up Teams - Finding resources and building high performing teams by setting the vision, defining roles, clarifying responsibilities, outlining processes and explaining KPIs.
  • Sponsorship - Ensuring adequate sponsorship, support and buy-in for your projects while managing needs and expectations of stakeholders.
  • Calls & Meetings - Driving and documenting progress through the proactive management of client interactions and interventions.
  • Problem Solving - Using a systematic and creative process to understand issues, brainstorm options, select alternatives and develop solutions.
  • Organic Growth - Selling add-on work while at the client's site by getting involved in other regional, divisional, departmental and strategic issues.
  • Presentation - Explaining yourself, your ideas, your service and your company in a succinct, compelling and persuasive manner.
  • Visualising Results - Making your insights, strategy and results easier to understand by giving them form in charts, symbols, analogies and diagrams.
  • Analytics - Assembling and experimenting with a portfolio of analytical techniques and approaches that are useful in our consulting area
  • Case Scenario - The comprehensive scenario where consultants will have to integrate and apply all of the skills in team activities to be certified.

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