Creativity & Innovation

Creativity & Innovation

Everyone can be creative.

Yet some people get more creative results than others, and creative output of this population can be temperamental. So, how to leverage creativity? How to be innovative across an organisation? How to manage creative talent? How to manage innovation?

Creative thinking is a skill that can be learned like any other, it flourishes in some environments and evaporates in others. Here are programmes that uncover universal insights about stimulating creativity and leading innovation:

  • Compelling Problems: How to phrase a problem in a way that will elicit a creative response.
  • Brainstorming: How to use techniques that generate ideas, options and new concepts.
  • Refining Ideas: How to harvest your best ideas and develop them into brilliant proposals.
  • Ideas into Action: How to implement ideas without losing their fresh and unique sparkle.
  • Find Your Story: How to develop a theme and content that will best illustrate your point of view.
  • The Creative State: How to put oneself or ones' team in a state of optimum inspiration.
  • Driving Creativity: How to be a creative facilitator and lead effective brainstorms.
  • Innovative Organisations: How to manage creative talent and groundbreaking projects.
  • Creative Problem Solving: How to analyze and solve tough issues in insightful and fun ways.
  • Managing Creative Talent: How to understand and direct the creative energy in your team.
  • Pitching Ideas: How to package and present your concept in a succinct and persuasive manner.

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