Is There a Story to Tell?

Stories Make Sense. In a world of increased networks and limited attention spans, we are all seeking ways to make a meaningful connection. Stories provide an authentic, refreshing and engaging way to get your message across.

What’s Our Story?

Come together to establish your organisation’s vision in the form of a story. Participants explore their joint strengths, ambitions and offering as a foundation for their new story. The group then composes and practises telling the story of their organisation.


Stories Change Organisations

We can influence our organisations to change, by surfacing stories that exemplify the change we want to see. This programme will equip you to seek out, shape and tell stories that will be central to your organisation’s culture and reputation.

Storytelling Workshop

A one day practical workshop in which participants spend the morning building a story and the afternoon refining and telling the story. Participants turn their ideas into stories that inspire, motivate and persuade.

Story Circle

An intimate evening with experienced storytellers. Invited guests exchange stories on a given theme. In an atmosphere of mutual appreciation, we learn while challenging ourselves to tell a great tale. Inspired by programmes like The Moth.

Tell Me A Story

Teambuilding programme that encourages individuals to tell stories. Participants share stories about their activities, passions and backgrounds. These engaging and entertaining exchanges offer insights into personalities and establish a team’s mutual experience.   

Tailored Programmes

Storytelling’s universal appeal can enhance all communications and events. Feel free to get in touch about initiatives for leadership events, internal communications, social media, world cafes, co-creation, training and teambuilding.

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