University Curriculum

University Curriculum

Jeffer London has given courses at The United Business Institute (UBI) and The Brussels Management School (ICHEC). He has also been a guest lecturer at other universities. Here is a selection of the programmes he delivers.

Organisational Behaviour

This course helps students understand the behaviours of people at work. Understanding organisational behaviour is like having a roadmap of a workplace and a vehicle to transport you. Joining these sessions better equips them in the skills to motivate, negotiate, develop, design and advance both in their career and with their projects.

Mastering Change

This course helps manage change on both a personal and organisational level. Through the application of change management theories to personal situations and case scenarios, students become well versed in the latest literature and approaches for the only constant in business: change.

The Innovative Organisation

This course equips managers to be effective leaders of innovation. Spanning the specific nature of managing creative people and groundbreaking projects, the course explores the latest thinking through cases, guest speakers, recent writings and experiments.

Creative Problem Solving

This course outlines a process for creative problem solving and delves into a technique-driven approach for divergent and convergent thought. Students apply the techniques to personal, group and case exercises, ensuring a dynamic programme that equips students with a creative way around any problem.

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Jeffer London is a partner who empowers people with new skills & better approaches

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