Improving Team Effectiveness

Improving Team Effectiveness


Get a GRIP on Team Leadership

Team issues often fall into one of five categories; the same five areas that always work well in a high-performing team, what Jeffer London calls the LeadershipGRIPTM.

Leadership: Are people following a specific person or have they bought into a sense of shared leadership?

G - Goals and Vision: Is there a clear direction and mission?

R - Roles & Responsibilities: Do people know who is doing what and are they clear about their own remit?

I - Interpersonal Relationships: Are people getting on well? Is there respect?

P - Process and Procedures: Is there a structure in place that is accepted, appreciated and followed?


Improve Team Effectiveness

Top performers review their performance. Do you need a team health check? Or do you want to improve the tram's GRIP? Here are some elements from recent Team Effectiveness Workshops:

  • Force-Field Analysis. Understand the team's Key Performance Indicators and visualise what is supporting and blocking the teams performance. Through an inclusive process, let your team explore team issues and select the areas they want to improve on.
  • Team Dynamics. Get insights into how teams operate. Recognise group patterns through the ORMing model, assess the Belbin team types and benchmark your team against high performing teams.
  • Creative Problem Solving. Learn and apply a process for creative problem solving. Use the process to team up on recurring issues in a creative manner, and solve issues through collaboration.


Move Teams through Transition

Mergers, divorces, new kings, discontinued services, accelerated succession, crazy growth, cost reductions - welcome to the party! Call it what you will, it's about change, and there are some universal activities that help groups get through it - here are some examples of interventions that have helped other teams fight the change monster:

  • Understanding change
  • How to communicate the new vision
  • Celebrating early successes
  • Enrolling stakeholders
  • Arming the champions of change

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