Mega Conversations

Mega Conversations


Let’s talk about being a conversation catalyst. Let’s talk about designing discussions. Let’s talk about having a dialogue-based event.

Mega Conversations are discussions with 50-5000 people exploring the same questions, at the same time, in the same place.


People Like to Talk

That's why the best part of most conferences is the coffee break!

Despite being connected digitally, people are faced with a void of real conversation. Mega Conversations offers participants the opportunity to connect in a real way that is surprising, rewarding and memorable. Mega Conversations offer meaningful dialogue about the topics that matter most.


Designing Discussions

Let your people experience the power of conversation as a way to make progress, add meaning, and create memorable experiences.

Before we introduce components of conversation into your next event, let’s talk. This may be the most powerful participant experience that you ever host, but it is also a process that requires clear strategic intent, tightly aligned sponsors and a willingness to enter into what can feel like chaos.

Together, we will get tens, hundreds, thousands of people simultaneously talking in a productive manner. We will focus on being a catalyst for authentic personal connections and real dialogue.


Ask The Central Question

The burning question is the foundation a Mega Conversation. The right question has no simple answer, and when it is spoken it lights a fire of perspectives. If you already have the answer, no discussion is needed – what is the question that needs to be discussed?

This is the place to tackle tough questions. What is your question?

What are our core competencies? How can we find joy in our work? What strategic direction shall we take? How can we collaborate better? What will success look like?


People Like to Share

Mega Conversations often start as live face-to-face encounters, but inevitably end up continuing online, as people want to share the experience and insights that they have.

By foreseeing online collaboration platforms, or at least offering twitter #s, we multiply the reach of the event before, during and after the live session. This ripple effect can then be deepened and extended by supporting participants to make their own original and quality user-generated content. In this way, the impact of the Mega Conversation is both deepened and widened.

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