Teambuilding Events

Teambuilding Events


Teambuilding: Deepen Personal Connections

Getting to know each other in a real way builds trust and mutual understanding; and is the foundation of deep communication in teams. While each programme is tailored to the team, here are some of popular themes:

  • Mission & Vision: Deciding where to go is hard enough; getting people to come along can be impossible. Solve both issues through an inclusive process that builds synergy, motivation and engagement. The team will talk through the issues that they see today and on the horizon, as they move toward their own definition of “our future”, “success at work”, “what impacts performance” and “strategies for success”.
  • Best of People: Use Appreciative Inquiry (AI) to search for the best in people, their organizations, and the relevant world around them. This involves systematic discovery of what gives “life” to a living system when it is most alive, most effective, and most constructively capable in economic, ecological, and human terms. AI involves, in a central way, the art and practice of asking questions that strengthen a system’s capacity to apprehend, anticipate & heighten positive potential.
  • Team Reflection: Get outside of our usual working environment for a fresh perspective on the way you work together, team dynamics, empowerment, effectiveness and improvement – all in a positive way that is insightful, collaborative and fun. Multiple small-group discussions on big questions facing the team, such as: who are we? what are we good at? how shall we improve? why is our performance important? when will we reach our destination?
  • Creative Problem Solving:  Join an group process that explores old issues in new ways for better results. Tap your group’s collective intelligence in rounds of divergent and convergent exercises designed to allow for creative breakthroughs. Besides solving the issue, you will find you have a team of motivated people to put the plans into action.
  • Storytelling. Stories Make Sense. In a world of increased networks and limited attention spans, we are all seeking ways to make a meaningful connection. Stories provide an authentic, refreshing and engaging way to get your message across.
  • Navigating Change. Things keep changing. We get that. Yet there are times when we have to come together to talk about it. These sessions reset the direction, get people onboard and build momentum. This very interactive, session gives everyone the opportunity to explore the thoughts, feelings and actions that are needed to move forward.
  • Art of Work. Create a Work of Art Illustrating your Art of Work! Everyone has a talent. Whether you have a palette for wine, can turn water to wine or simply know how to whine – you possess a skill that is unique and of special interest in this project which has the ambition to create a work of art that includes the fingerprint of the entire team.
  • Exploring Personalities. Use MBTI to help us explore how our preferences contribute to our personality, and how our personality has certain patterns. Investigate the way we work, as individuals and as a team. Understand how our preferences, personalities and patterns play a role at work.
  • Understanding Communication.  Use DISC to explore how personal preferences influence communication and team dynamics. Get a fresh perspective on your team while we explore the crossroads of culture, change and communication.
  • Mix & Move. A series of get-up, stand-up exercises that let people to connect in new and surprising ways. Participants find common ground, shared interests and new synergies.
  • Make A Movie. A picture says a thousand words and an analogy can explain the universe. Using photos, videos and inherit creativity, your team will develop a short film. The topic can be work related or pure fantasy - either way the team will work together on a cinematographic journey allowing them to let loose and have fun.

Harvesting Insights

During the day, the team themselves will express what they want to improve, brainstorm alternatives and agree on plans of action; these important moments will be highlighted in the film and overlaid with graphics to clarify the principle milestones and outcomes of the workshop.

Turn Experiences into Memorable Videos

Rather than educating people behind closed doors, why not engage people around the world in a motivational learning experience? Video your sessions and to remix the footage with studio produced clips, your logo and music. In doing so, you can:

  • Recall the event to the team later
  • Explain your progress to stakeholders
  • Make your private workshop into a public programme
  • Share the content on a platform for idea collaboration
  • Promote your initiative on social media
  • Visually record a meaningful experience

Designed like a movie trailer, a short movie will document the highlights of our time together. A few minutes of film creates a lasting reminder of how the team can work well together, and puts the spotlight on the insights, learnings and positive emotions of an event.

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