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“Dialogue-Experiments” have been an integral part of our work over the years. Each experiment explored the questions of: how to get people talking? How to tackle tough topics? How to make discussions both productive and satisfying?

The insights and approaches are now being poured into a book called Stimulating Conversation.


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Preview "Stimulating Conversation" and see how to get involved in this forthcoming book.


"We have never before had this level of dialogue. Thank you!"
- Experiment participant at the European Parliament

"Stimulating conversation, has been revealing, productive & fun."
- Experiment participant at Voxbone

"Great conversations - and importantly, the ideas were captured, developed and applied to the future we are building."
- Experiment participant at The Martens Centre

Many thanks to the organisations who allowed themselves to be the testing ground for what has proved to be a very rewarding endeavour:  CSC, Deloitte, European Investment Bank, European Commission, European Parliament, InterPublic Group, Pernod Ricard, TED, Toastmasters, The Martens Centre, Volcano Corporation, and Voxbone.


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